Find the answers to some of our more commonly asked questions.

Granite: Environmentally friendly natural stone mined from the earth and cut into slabs for fabricating.

Quartz:  Engineered stone is crushed natural quartz combined with polymer resins and compressed into slabs for fabricating.

Granite: Yes, ask Northern Stone about the super easy process requiring only 5 minutes a year.

Quartz: No, Non porous surface

Granite: yes, some varieties can be porous but sealants and proper maintenance will keep them stain resistant and looking like new.

Quartz: Quartz is stain resistant - not stain proof.

Granite & quartz are both not easily scratched under normal use, but you risk ruining your knives, stone is harder that your knife blades. These surfaces can however be scratched by another stone.

Granite: Yes, granite is naturally impervious to high temperatures but we still recommend the use of trivets.

Quartz: Not recommended, it is always a good idea to use a hot pad or trivet when placing hot objects on the surface.

Granite: It is important to understand that there is natural variation in tone throughout the slab, this is part of granite's natural beauty.  We work closely with our stone wholesalers and recommend that you view the slab you are choosing. 

Quartz: Samples are a small piece of the material being represented - the color will be very close to the slab but may not always be exact.

Granite or quartz can chip under some circumstances. Both can be fixed, sometimes very easily, dependent on the size and placement of the chip.

Yes, how much depends on the color, movement and placement on the slab.  We do our best to make seams only when needed and line everything up to be less noticed. 

Yes, we stand behind our workmanship - just call us!

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